Suddenly, it’s quite hot. And so: White Sangria.

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Last night, in celebration of my last exam in my first year of law school, I made shrimp and grits. The final meal looked like this:


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Recent batch of chocolate chip cookies. Photo courtesy of Miss Lo Vanity.

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Tonight was a pretty special occasion: it was the first ever Hannah and Kathy Macaroni and Cheese Evening. It involved my friend Kathy and I making macaroni and cheese. For the first time ever.

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The other night I made a delicious sandwich for a special someone. It was pretty great, if I do say so myself. Here’s what I did: Read the rest of this entry »

I really do love pecan pie. It is my favorite thanksgiving pie. I like pumpkin. And I like apple. I particularly like my apple cranberry pie, which I also made this year with the help of my niece (My niece and I made both pies together this year).

But pecan pie is my favorite.

That said, I have never made a pecan pie that I have been happy with. For whatever reason – last year I blame the orange zest – it hasn’t worked out the way I want.

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About a year ago, a friend and I went to dinner at the Oval Room during restaurant week here in DC. We had this incredible cauliflower soup as an appetizer, and I still think about it quite frequently.

For the past year, I’ve been wanting to recreate this soup. But, being blender-less, I had no way of doing so. All that changed last weekend, when my mom came to visit…blender in tow.

Tonight, I made my first attempt at cauliflower soup. And let me just say – it went very well. It’s still not the same as that bowl of soup at the Oval Room, but it was a great starting point. The recipe came from Smitten Kitchen. I added a dash of nutmeg as well, which wasn’t in the recipe.

Next time I’m going to try adding a little cumin.

This is the tale of my first attempt at matzo ball soup. And though attempt implies failure (or at least lack of success, which this was not), I chose the word for one reason – I used a boxed matzo ball mix. It was not for lack of trying. At the time, it was just a few days before passover. I was determined to make the soup and so set out for the grocery store, list in hand. After pulling all my ingredients off the shelves, I turned to the shelf where there should have been matzo meal. Harris Teeter was out.

I took my two canvas bags to the counter, paid and filled them, and moved on to the Safeway. And then the Giant. I went to 5 grocery stores, only to find that all were out of matzo meal. As it turns out, DC grocery stores need to work on stocking up pre-passover.

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This just sounds so incredible, I needed to share immediately. It is a bar that looks like a bar of chocolate in everyway – it apparently has the texture of chocolate, it snaps like chocolate…

But instead of actually being chocolate, it’s coffee. Check out the New York Times Magazine summary.